February 25, 2009

Yosh Energy: Renewable Energy in Malaysia, Bakun Hydroelectric

THERE are many types of renewable energy that are potentially to be develop and been commercial. there are hydropower, wind-power, solar energy, biomass, thermak energy, wave and tidal energy and fuel cells. Malaysia itself has approximately 20 power plants at the peninsular. 11 out of them are the hydro power plants. these large numbers been influenced by the country climate and its geographical demography.

Malaysia are currently attempts to finish the Bakun Hydroelectric Project, located in Sarawak (Island of Borneo) on the Balui River west of Belaga (some 37 km upstream of Belaga). It will have the tallest concrete forced rock fill dam in the world with a length of crest of 740 metres, a base width of 560 metres and a crest width of 12 metres. this would be the largest dam in Asia outside China. it will flood 69, 640 hectares of land, an area bigger than Singapore. this area is presently being clear-cut. its catchment area is over 1.5 million hectares of mainly primary forest. 51% of the land of the reservoir area is Native Customary Land (meaning it is legally owned by the indigenous communities).

Bakun Hydroelectric will generate 2400 MW (8 *360 MVA generators) once completed. at least 70% of this will be transmitted to Peninsular Malaysia. there will be 730 km of HVDC line in East Malaysia, 670 km of undersea HVDC and 300 km of HVDC transmission lines in the Peninsular Malaysia. first attempt to build this station was in 1960, then 1986 then 2003. it will cost USD 2.4 billion. the target is to start in 2012 (initially scheduled on 2003).

February 23, 2009

My story: If I am a businessman to be

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsI ambitious to own a business, been courage over my parent successful. The business background is for energy saving purpose. It consists of two types. For type 1, is inventiveness the new electrical appliances accessory and innovate the already marketing electrical appliances. The aim for both is for energy savings. The concept is ‘by using our products, you can save your monthly electricity bills’. For type 2, is the installation of the energy source utility to reduce the dependant of electricity from TNB or totally replace it. This is also aiming for energy saving purpose and at the same time will encourage the used of an alternative energy, renewable energy to provide the clean atmosphere.

In type 1 business, the target electrical appliances are consist of widely used in country like air-conditional for home and vehicle used, bulb, lighting, kitchen’s electrical accessories, power supply, and also for the advanced gadget like UPS system (uninterruptible power supply). What to do is by putting our accessory product that is compatible to running with those appliances to make sure that they will operate in an optimum way while at the same time reducing the power absorbed. Our accessory products may consist of power single-phase converter (chopper, inverter and rectifier). And the second way is by redesigning the circuit at the certain part of the electrical appliances by our specialist team to achieve the company aims, ‘energy savings’.

While for type 2 business, the alternative resources of energy that are provided by our company and are ready to be installed for home consist of solar PV (photovoltaic) cells, fuel cells, and wind turbine. For the wind turbine, it is only applicable for the areas that receive high wind flow current like seashore and island. We provide full services of installation, maintenances, and guidelines for the customer to make them used of all these new things. For the example, we install our PV solar panel on the roof. Although the cost quite costly, but in long term it will give the significant effect on energy savings. For the wind turbine, although the components may be expensive (turbine, blade and generator), again we must look at their future contribution. As we know their usage (PV and wind energy) use the natural or renewable sources which are solar that comes from the sun and the flow of wind. In the long term of their usage, their installation and components cost will be greatly overcame, and at that time, we will enjoy our free clean energy.
Yosh.. u can do it.... GO ARMIN GO.....

Career fair and CNY deco

The moment of career fair at mid valley early this year, I not miss up the opportunity to use this chances to get more onto the knowledge regarding with the career suited me. The crowded made my friends and I not bare enough to stay long inside the open hall. Ah….. so exhausted… I just only drop by at a few selected booths only. To tell the truth, we just aim onto theirs goodies only. Ha..ha… no la ..It is just our minor intentions only la… luckiest… I only got one ball pen pairing with one notebook only… not lucky enough…

emmm....... i deserved it....

Then, after had KFC our energy level back to its normal. Now is the time to go flirt around…he..he…. no la, just to hang around only inside the mall. Besides, it been so ages since our last time spent time together outside the campus. No wonder la… coz we are too busy with our schedules.

Waw,,,, everywhere were red in color. Actually that’s time was close to CNY… that’s why the deco is beautiful and reds. So, we resembled as a tourists la and went around snap the photographs. Ha..ha…. but the funniest things is our attire that days la… the office uniform…skema sgt…... Oh…. That’s impossible la for us to wear those things again if not for the formal events.

deleted pic

>>>> wah... semuanya skema...


OH NO.... now exactly 2.06 a.m in the morning...those buffy outside still become loyal accompany to my head spinning and dopey feelings. ..but i m sill having trouble with my isolation circuit...why it can't be run... the transmitted signal is not the same as its input...why does this happen????... oh my... i m totally running out of time... only 3 weeks i have to settle all of this troubleshooting problem while at the same time my PCB still in process and my pic programmming nowhere, no clue where it is......

forget about that.. i still hope 2 c wonderful sunrise 2moro with my relief and hopefully everything will within my control for this upcoming crucial 3 weeks.


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