February 23, 2009

Career fair and CNY deco

The moment of career fair at mid valley early this year, I not miss up the opportunity to use this chances to get more onto the knowledge regarding with the career suited me. The crowded made my friends and I not bare enough to stay long inside the open hall. Ah….. so exhausted… I just only drop by at a few selected booths only. To tell the truth, we just aim onto theirs goodies only. Ha..ha… no la ..It is just our minor intentions only la… luckiest… I only got one ball pen pairing with one notebook only… not lucky enough…

emmm....... i deserved it....

Then, after had KFC our energy level back to its normal. Now is the time to go flirt around…he..he…. no la, just to hang around only inside the mall. Besides, it been so ages since our last time spent time together outside the campus. No wonder la… coz we are too busy with our schedules.

Waw,,,, everywhere were red in color. Actually that’s time was close to CNY… that’s why the deco is beautiful and reds. So, we resembled as a tourists la and went around snap the photographs. Ha..ha…. but the funniest things is our attire that days la… the office uniform…skema sgt…... Oh…. That’s impossible la for us to wear those things again if not for the formal events.

deleted pic

>>>> wah... semuanya skema...

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