April 4, 2009

Thanks to him and Skop Predator Production (SKP)

specially i want to thanks to him. his name was zaki a.k.a abng syidee...... jgn marah lor, hehe...coz of his skills, my water heater back to normal i shall ve not any trouble again la to stay up till early morning to finish the loads...... i can prepare my routine supper, mamee sllrrrp! with 1 glass of nescafe without need to ask ijal for the hot water anymore.....ijal, dun worry, i m not going to cause u any trouble again..:).hehe...

zaki a.k.a abng syidee sure got a lot of experiances compared to us in dealing with electrical home appliances. sure he ll doesn't encounter any problem or difficulties when he jump into work soon.but to me, i m not quite familiar with the real situation ... just theories only lor.....ishk..ishk...ishk..sedey.... following pictures shown that his hard doing that made my heater back to work then

>>> these are pieces of abng syidee truly amazing work..kagum seyh
>>> guys, if u got any problems with ur electrical appliances, just call him, abng syidee will keen to help u with no charge...but the payback is just treat him with horlick ais :)..OK

O.K back then we (ijal, zaki, helmi, ubi, madi n me of couse) went to beriadah kt mamak stall, utk ambil angin pagi2 hujung minggu. hehe...actually guys, our team have the special name that we called as 'SKOP PREDATOR PRODUCTION'.... we predators (haha....tau takut) have our own underground missions. thats morning at mamak stall we did actually recruit our new team members. thats guys name was ubi (not the real name)...

>>> just a brief introduction of the Skop Predator Production (SKP)..yup, i will continue again with my SKP story...O.K...c.u again..

>>> teka..roti apa ni ..:)


♥♥me ~ cik sara said...

kredit to zaki @ abg syidee..untung kn klau leyh repair2 sendiri ni..
D.I.Y = jimat kos..hehe

Armin said...

tengku johari,,

komen anda sepatutnya disini..huhu..xper-xper..

salh tu, bukan roti nan....roti nan dia nyer saiz besar...hehe..feel free utk cuba lagi...

anyway slm prkenalan jugak:)

Armin said...

a'ah cik sara..mmg menjimatkn kos...hehe..just sekdr belanja horlick ais jer...mmng beruntunglah saper yg jadi calon isteri abng syidee ni..hahaa:) abng syidee jgn marah lor:)

Anonymous said...

ye ye
sapa nk blaja D.I.Y
jumpala abg syideee
tesis dia pn yg terhebat d alam semesta..
cayalah abg shidee..

p/s: to copi..learnla D.I.Y from abg shideee tuh.huhuhu


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