March 31, 2009

When they talk

Yosh: But guys, what am i curious is that the consequence about his and his teams work

Helmi: What is that yosh?

Yosh: have u all known that this guy and his teams managed to form the world famous Manhattan project that secretly built the atomic bomb for used in World War II.

Ijal: i m remember the Hiroshima and Nagasaki outrageous events on 1945. it is good then!!!

Helmi: ijal! what is wrong with u... which parts that u called such a good then!

Yosh: calm down helmi, i know what ijal meant just now. because of these events, the World War II was brought to end. the consequence is that our beloved country was released by the brutally Japanese army.

Ijal: it helmi!!

Helmi: a'ah, this then reminded me of my grandpa story on how misery was that live under the colonizer...where many of the villagers became the servants of theirs.

Yosh: guys, that is why la we must feel thankful being independant and also we must have a sense to protect our country.

Zaki: lor, this is where u guys are!. very hard time lah looking for u guys. c'mon lets go for dinner..

Yosh, Ijal and Helmi: sure sure ...if u treat us lah.....haha....

p/s : the same goes with the 'kisah si copi', this conversation will be updated from time to time...... again this conversation dialog is based on my understanding and knowledges.

p/s: all the characters name above are belongs to my friends name...btw... i would like to tribute this to them as a 4 years being together as a friends and colleagues, furthermore we ll go on our separate ways after this...


Paan Lee said...

Salam, i find it very interesting reading those lines of conversation. a unique way of expressing and making article. (bukan puji tapi betul)

anyway, ziarah kamu lagi, huhu :D been busy skit.

baincardin said...

thanks fr d wish Armin :)

cairol_zouf said...

omg.. i like u ways of expressing ur opinions...keep it up!

♥♥me ~ cik sara said...

sgtt patriotik conversation ini..
armin, why they call u yosh ekk?
is it a comic's character name or smthg?

Armin said...

yup all, siri when they talk ni akan berkisrkn pndangn saya psl teknologi, sumber tenaga, impak sains sr segi keburukn dan kebaikn...

and i will consider others idea too...but the main is, i ll concern my own opinion only..

yosh~ i find it very interesting when watching Japanese anime..thats why lah i like it..


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